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ProdCode: M9128

Madeira Aerolock 2500m No.125 (Overlock Thread) 33Colors

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Condition: Brand New
Origin: Made in Germany

Madeira Aerolock No.125 thread is a strong, premium. 100% Polyester Serger thread and obtain neat and long-lasting overlock seams. Available in 33 colors for 2,500 meters

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Aerolock No.125 is a premium overlock thread that guarantees high strength, break-resistance for hard-wearing and clean seams. High-quality core yarn with bundled continuous filaments for tear-resistance and fibre coating for outstanding smoothness. 

Being colorfast, Madeira Aerolock No.125 can withstand frequent washing. Made from 100% polyester, washable up to 95 degrees and suitable for tumble-drying at low temperatures. Each spool holds 2500 meters of thread. Available in 33 colors. 

Thread Material: Polyester

Thread Type: Overlock Thread

Thread Weight: 125

Length of Thread: 2,500 Meters/ Kingspool

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