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Bought ddl8000a from Ghim Soon cos itching for an industrial machine even though i hv the very good dx2000qvp. I hv to say i LOVE this machine... and it is affordable...beautiful stitches.. runs through layers with consistent stitches.. even humps like seams joinings... been their customer for 3 yrs... bought my sewing table 4.0, dx2000qvp, mcs1500 and now ddl8000a. Although a Sewing fren suggested getting from the distributor directly, i still prefer to get from ghim soon cos their after sales service is top notch... hv you tried the madeira threads they carry? Wow.. i was blown away after using the thread.... really dont ask, try it for yourself and you will know!

Michelle Tang

(NEWEST MODEL) DDL-8000A-Direct-drive, High-speed, 1-needle, Lockstitch Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer

A lovely machine for the price paid. I bought it as a machine for my youngest kid (7 years old) to learn sewing as my Juki machine (also from Ghim Soon) is a little too big for her to manage. My mum who is a seamstress thinks it’s a really good buy and a good machine for most households to have - to help with simple alterations and projects.

Chen Chen Koh

Stitch4you S4Y-30B Small Compact Sewing Machine with 12 stitches including buttonhole in Black

As it is my first time buying a sewing machine for my mother, i do not have enough sources to which shop is good to go till i found Ghimsoon and put it on my list to go. I felt skeptical about the shop before i actually went there. When i reached there, there are crowds inside and outside the shop. In my mind, was saying to myself probably this shop is good which many went there. As i was standing outside the shop, all the sewing machine really caught my eyes and attention. A "wow" factor even before i step in the shop. So, i was attended by this mdm, asking her recommendation. She recommended me E20 sewing machine and even told me to try on it and she really demonstrate how to use the machine. Very friendly and thus, good customer service! Never regret going to the shop again and guess what? My mother enjoy the sewing machine so much! Thank you :D Such a great experience.

Furawrr, Source: Ghim Soon & Google Listing

Exclusivley Designed in Sweden-Husqvarna Viking H Class E20- 32 Stitch Patterns

second trip to the shop. I had an awesome experience w Monica. I tried so many machines from the basic to the high-end. From Juki to Janome to Bernette. I had soo many questions to ask and Monica was so patient with me. After 2 hrs, we finally sealed the deal with the Bernette 38. It was love at first sight! Smooth and quiet. Love that it minimises thread wastage with its automatic thread cutter. And with 394 diff stitches to play with. One for each day of the week. Thank you, Ghim Soon & Monica!

Mariani Manja, Source: Ghim Soon & Google Listing

(Can Sew 3 Alphabet and Numeric Fonts) Bernette 38-The affordable top model in the bernette 30 series of sewing machines, with a wide range of functions

I was actually looking to upgrade my sewing machine. During the circuit breaker, I can't get to try on the machine hence I WhatsApp Ghim Soon to find out. They are very knowledgable and shared with me that I won't regret getting the Janome Skyline S9. I queried them a lot about this machine via WhatsApp. Their answers and reply really give me assurance about my purchase. Since I bought the machine during Circuit Breaker, I can only rely on getting more help from Ghim Soon via WhatsApp. They reply almost instantly. This gives me lots of assurance as I am sure, I would feel very lost without their help.

Genevieve Foo, Source: Ghim Soon & Google Listing

(Free Madeira Threads !) Janome Skyline S9- Premium Sewing,Quilting & Embroidery Machine with Wifi at Affordable Prices

I have been thinking to get The JUKI TL2200 QVP mini for a while. While browsing obviously we come across many similar machines. After a long thinking process I narrowed down to this. Ghim Soon luckily is having a sale right now and I thought if grabbing this opportunity. As there was no way I could try this machine and ask all about how this works and what all are needed for quilting and stuff.. I decided to buy it no matter what because I have heard only good things about Ghim Soon Post Sale service. Alex was so patient with me and my crazy questions!! I’m thankful I have dealed with Ghim Soon. Lastly about the machine this is a heavy one. I can’t wait to quilt on this heavy duty machine!!

Shifa AbduRehman Firoz, Source: Ghim Soon & Google Listing

Juki TL-2200QVP Mini-Mid-Arm Quilting and Piecing Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer and Speed Control

So caught up with my new Juki serger and pre-loved Janome workhorse that I forgot to give my review. I must thank Monica for her time and patience for my serger choice (MO-51eN). And that pre-loved Janome that stared at me from the high shelf when Monica was processing my Juki order. Yeah ! I must say it was a gem that I got. So blessed ! Definitely the place to go to for great service and products. And yeah ! I need more Madeira thread for my Juki. I am convinced that Madeira is the brand for me now that I have tested with a cheaper brands. Thank you Stitch4you. Shouting out to Alex .... I need Madeira threads

Eli Thee, Source: Ghim Soon & -Sewing Machine Store Facebook Page

JUKI MO-51EN-Popular Overlock among Beginners and Intermediate Users

Sent in my old 20+yrs old sewing machine for repair but motor was spoilt. Asked for recommendations and order was placed at 4pm, my new toy received at 6pm! All settled in a day! 👍🏻👍🏻 Monica was so sweet and friendly! She was quick to respond to my queries! Loving my new Juki 5020! It’s so silent and easily sew through 6 layers of cotton! Only need some time to get used to motorized machine; pretty user friendly! My first time purchase with them and totally understand why they have such good reviews!! Thank you!

Caroline Jy, Source:Ghim Soon & -Sewing Machine Store Facebook Page

(1 Year Stitch4you Warranty )Juki HZL-LB5020-Compact Computerized and Sturdy Sewing Machine with 20 Stitch Patterns

I’m so happy with my Viking E10, as recommended. A good solid machine that fits my budget, as I have never sew before. Since we are in CB, I did my enquiry and shopping online, and advise via messenger. Best still, the machine was delivery in 12 hours! I’m totally impress with the excellent service! Looking forward to be able to visit the shop in person.

Karen Leong-Mahtani, Source: Ghim Soon & -Sewing Machine Store FB Page

(Popular Beginner Machine) Viking H Class E10- Exclusively designed in Sweden, a great compact machine to start your sewing journey with

I upgraded to Janome HD3000 from a basic sewing machine. No regrets as it has served my needs well so far. I like the sleek design with a hidden top compartment to house the spool thread and spare footers. Monica was very knowledgeable and didn't hard sell when I went down for a demo of their machines. Alex was very patient in attending to my endless queries as I wasn't able to make a decision at first. He also personally delivered my extension table (which I've totally forgotten) the following day amidst what must have been one of their busiest day! Thank you for your splendid and personalised service, Ghim Soon!

Javice Goh

Janome HD3000-A famous heavy duty sturdy machine with exterior aluminium casing and metal frame

I bought this serger less than 2 weeks ago. This is my 1st serger and I'm very pleased with it. Pros: - Fast - Smooth - Easy to operate - Produces perfect stitches everytime - Threading is a breeze with its colour-coded guide. It comes pre-threaded too, a very thoughtful & consumer-centric touch. Cons: - A bit pricey but worth the investment

Javice Goh

(Enhanced Model with White LED!)Juki Pearl Line MO-654DEN- FASTEST Overlock Machine of this price range. Offering free Ultra Bright Light Bulb with purchase of the machine!

Bought a Juki MO-1000 serger in last November and a Janome Skyline S9 yesterday from Ghim Soon. Both time serviced by Piya. She’s very patient in explaining the different features and functions of the machines to me, with live demo. She’s not pushy and gave me time to consider before I made up my mind on the purchases. Their after sales service was top notch too as I continued to msg them via WhatsApp whenever I face any issue with the machines and they will reply me promptly. I will highly recommend Ghim Soon to anybody who is interested in buying a sewing, overlocking or coverstitch machine.

Fiona Low, Source: Ghim Soon & -Sewing Machine Store FB Page

(Free Madeira Threads !) Janome Skyline S9- Premium Sewing,Quilting & Embroidery Machine with Wifi at Affordable Prices

Alex & Priya are very patient & responsive. I received better service here than at other sewing machine retailer. I never expected to buy such an expensive sewing machine ( Bernina 590) but I am very glad i did with them. I even bought sewing accessories & threads from them. I went to the store to buy threads and his other family members were also friendly & helpful. Hope to see even more sewing goodies sold here do that i don'thave to go elsewhere. Hope you can look at selling olfa cutters and sell huge & long cutting mats & trimmings too !

Sokling Lee, Source: Ghim Soon & Google Listing

Bernina 590 E-Perfect for sewists, quilters and embroiderers

I bought a B38 machine from them. Their recommendation helped me save around $400.00. The machine is as good as the one I wanted to buy initially. Their after-sales service was good too. They never failed to assist me with my queries, regardless of big or small issues. The prices of the embroidery threads, footer, various parts and accessories are reasonable too. I highly recommend you to check out their shop if you are looking for a new sewing machine, repair your machines, or other sewing needs.

Yen Teng, Source: Ghim Soon & -Sewing Machine Store Facebook Page

(Can Sew 3 Alphabet and Numeric Fonts) Bernette 38-The affordable top model in the bernette 30 series of sewing machines, with a wide range of functions

I would like to compliment Piya for her professional service in guiding me, in terms of my inexperience in sewing machine. She sees things from my perspective and even offer nuggets of advice along the way to help me on how to choose my sewing machine in precise stages at the shortest time possible. As a result, we decided to choose Janome Skyline S9. Knowing that I was not very sure how to use the sewing machine, Piya even went out of her way to arrange 4 hours workshop so that to assure me that Janome Skyline S9 is relatively easy to use. More importantly, Piya even break down the steps through various methods to improve my understanding. More importantly, Piya is friendly and professional. She will communicate with me on Whatapps on how she taught and gave us tips on how i could sew it at home. I cannot thank Uncle Tan, Alex and his staff enough for being accommodating and would not hesitate in recommending Piya to other sewing enthusiasm hobbyist as she is someone whom you can trust!

Bob Lee, Source: Ghim Soon & Google Listing

(Free Madeira Threads !) Janome Skyline S9- Premium Sewing,Quilting & Embroidery Machine with Wifi at Affordable Prices