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ProdCode: M9120

Madeira Aeroflock No.100 (Stretch Overlock Thread, 1000m) 24Colors

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Condition: Brand New
Origin: Made in Germany

Madeira Aeroflock No.100 is an overlock thread purpose-made for sewing seams on stretch or elasticized fabrics, for example in underwear, sports, and swimwear. With its shrink-resistance and high durability, this thread has been designed to withstand frequent washes as well as high stress, whilst retaining elasticity.
Each Miniking holds 1,000 meters of thread. Available in 24 colors

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Aeroflock No.100 is a soft, fluffy looper thread for the overlock machine. Ideal for elastic seams on underwear, lingerie, sportswear, swimwear and gym wear. Perfect as an overlock thread for wool and knitted fabrics. Also ideally suited for decorative seams. Very high elasticity and excellent sliding properties. Guaranteed durability, including frequent washing and exposure to stress. Made from 100% polyester, washable up to 95 degrees and suitable for tumble-drying.

Thread Material: Polyester

Thread Type: Elastic Overlock Thread

Thread Weight: 100

Length of Thread: 1,000 Meters/ Miniking 

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