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ProdCode: RM-17S

RM-17S 17"(43x43cm) Rotating, Self-Healing Cutting Mat

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Product Type:
Suitable For: Household Sewing Machines
Condition: Brand New
Origin: Made in Japan

There's no need to walk around the table with this rotating double-sided mat. Just rotate the upper mat when you need it for the perfect angle. The smooth and controlled rotation makes this mat ideal for cutting squares, triangles, diamonds and more. This handy OLFA mat is perfect for small spaces, so you won't have to worry about having the room to create all the projects you want. 

The OLFA rotating mat has a non-slip, stationary bottom layer with an interlocking top cutting mat that rotates smoothly 360 degrees. It's perfect for cutting squares, triangles, diamonds, circles or any shape that requires turning.  

For use only with rotary blades. 

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  • The two-piece mat features an interlocking top layer rotary mat with clear lines, a self-healing surface, as well as a non-slip stationary base 
  • Smoothly rotates 360֯  

Self-healing, professional quality multi-purpose craft mat for general cutting requirements.

Olfa cutting mat is the perfect mat when using Olfa rotary cutters or any Olfa cutting knives, Ideal for cutting fabrics, paper, card, fabric patterns etc... 

The cutting surface is self-healing and soft enough to protect the blade, at the same time the surface is hard enough to prevent deep incision, enabling the mat surface to self-heal

Olfa cutting mats are resistant to splitting and cracking, when correctly used the olfa cutting mats are a quality product and ensure a longer life.
Designed for use with: OLFA standard-duty cutters, heavy-duty cutters, art knives, rotary cutters and speciality cutters.

Additional Information:
All Olfa cutting mats are double sided use, printed with an imperial grid (inches) on one side and metric grid (cm), printed on the reverse side.

Olfa Cutting Mats are best stored flat

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