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ProdCode: W-BSpace9.0-EX

Beautiful Space 9.0 with Extendable Table- Ample and great space to keep sewing crafts in drawers

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Condition: Brand New

Sewing Tables will arrive around October 2023 depending on shipping conditions. Pre order now to get the ideal table you desire! Visit our retail store to see our sample sewing table.

Package Shipping Weight is around 90kg. The table will come pre-assembled before delivery thus the table is big and bulky. 

Important note: The price quoted will include 1 year warranty on your hydraulic lifter, installation and delivery to your sewing space only accessible by lift levels. If need to carry up the stairs, we will recommend specialized movers to help you carry up to your sewing space at additional charges or your own recommended movers at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any damages done during the delivery by the movers.
9.0 has drawers for storage and dedicated spool storage which makes it a good multi purpose table. It is also equipped with sliding doors and foldable leg space, efficiently using the space available for a lot of uses. Great choice among sewists!

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Showcasing Beautiful Space 9.0...



Interesting Features about Beautiful Space 9.0 Sewing Table




Superior Hydraulic Lifter

This revolutionary feature utilizes hydraulic technology to raise/lower the sewing machine in 3 positions, making it more convenient for the sewist.


High Quality Materials

Only good grade compressed wood and parts are used in the construction of the table to ensure high durability and stability of our Beautiful Space Sewing Table. 


Exquisite Craftmanship

Every table are constructed by highly skilled craftsman and has to pass through stringent quality checks. They are built to perfection and built to last.

Industrial Grade Castors

Every Beautiful Space Sewing table is built to fit on industrial grade sturdy castors which can be locked to ensure table stability during sewing. The robust frame also reduces stability during sewing or embroidering process.



Customised Acrylic Insert 

The optional acrylic insert is customised and laser cut according to accurate measurements of every individual machine  to fit every sewing machine. Every optional insert can be purchased at additional $72.



Enhanced Sewing Experience

Sewing with acrylic insert will reduce strain on the shoulder and back of sewists during long hours of sewing.

Space Limitations

Interested customers should verify that the length and width of sewing machine should not exceed 58cm and 32cm respectively. The height of the machine should  also not exceed 32cm.



Dimensions of Beautiful Space 9.0



When Beautiful Space 9.0(with extendable table) is expanded(as of above picture), the dimensions will be 120cm(Length) x 104cm(Width) x 75cm(Height).

If Beautiful Space 9.0 is not fitted with extendable table at back of table, the dimensions will be 120cm(Length) x 52cm(Width) x 75cm(Height). 


Here are the few reasons why customers should purchase Beautiful Space Sewing Table from Soon):

1. With more than 40 years' experience in the sewing machine industry, Ghim Soon has come to the fourth generation and are able to use our rich experience in sewing machines to help our customers.

2. Our pricing includes GST, delivery all the way to your sewing space in your home. (no need to deal with shipping company, just deal with us) There is no hidden costs.

3. No agent fees needed

4. We provide 1 year local warranty on the lifter, the beauty of our sewing table

5. We possess adequate knowledge of sewing machines and on the sewing table to ensure you purchase the right  sewing table for your home

6. If you wish to customize the dark acrylic inserts, you do not have to prepare the measurements of your sewing machine and draw up the design layout yourself. if we do not have your machine design done before, We can visit your house to measure properly and send the measurements to the factory on your behalf. No hassles for you!

7. If the factory do not do a good job of the acrylic insert, we will amend it to your specifications back in our workshop in Singapore! 

8. We provide honest feedback to customers so that they can get as much information as possible about the sewing table so that they know what to expect

9. We brought in sewing table display samples to Singapore to let customers see the tables before making an informed decision. 

10. Being a local distributor for these sewing tables, you know who to look for when you faces concerns/problems about your sewing tables.

11. For Pre-orders of these sewing tables, you can choose your own colours and minor customization of the tables!

Examples of how the extendable table of Beautiful Space Sewing Table looks like


This Part 1 Setting Up video will show you what to expect on arrival of sewing table and how to prepare the table for your sewing machine.


This Part 2 Setting Up Video will help you to adjust the height to fit the customised acrylic insert for your sewing machine.


Before you made your decision, below are a few important points for you to take note during your decision making process:

1. The sewing machines and accessories displayed with the table in the display photos are not included in the price. They are only used for illustration purposes.

2. To see how do the extendable table of the sewing tables might look like, you can click here.

3. If you wish to find out what to expect on arrival of sewing table and how to prepare the table for your sewing machine, you can click here.

4. Interested customers should verify that the length and width of sewing machine to store and use with the sewing table should not exceed 58cm and 32cm respectively. The height of the machine should also not exceed 32cm.

5. For Bernina 7 series, 8 series machines or other sewing machines in which (their heights are higher than 32cm or weigh more than 15kg or both), an enhanced and sturdier hydraulic lifter will have to be used instead to handle such machines which is chargeable at additional $160.

6. Additional transport trip (apart from the trip of delivering the table) to check on the condition lifter or components of the table will be chargeable at additional $20. Thus please check your sewing table thoroughly of any defects before the delivery man leaves.

7. Free delivery is included for the bulky Beautiful Space Sewing Tables from our store to your sewing space. However if we are required to carry the tables up staircases (from Level 2 onwards), additional labour charges will have to be incurred. Kindly check with us on the charges. If we were not informed of such situations beforehand, we have the right to bring our table back and the customer will have to incur additional $50 for the wasted transport trip.

8. The Beautiful Space Sewing Tables will not constructed at the delivery location but delivered as a complete table. Kindly ensure we have sufficient space for maneuver.

9. Table deliveries can only be carried out only during the day (9am to 4pm Monday to Saturdays). Deliveries requested beyond these timings (until 8pm) and on Sundays will be chargeable at additional $45.  Our team will work with you on coordinating the delivery slots for the tables.


Let us share with you some tips on choosing a suitable sewing table:
  1. Determine and measure the available sewing space you have at home so that we can choose the right Beautiful Space Sewing Table for you.
  2. Check whether your sewing machine are suitable for the limitations stated for this particular sewing table. Can check with us too.
  3. Do you need extra space for your sergers ? If so, consider Beautiful Space 1.0, 2.0 or 4.0.
  4. If you have a lot of available space and require big sewing area, our newest and imporved Beautiful Space 2.0 might be a good choice as it is our highest table (at 80cm tall) and space of 175cm length x 100cm width when expanded.
  5. Drawers might be a good hiding space for your craft items. Beautiful space 4.0 and 9.0 might be your best bet!
  6. If you are lazy to keep your thread spools in boxes and wish to reach them conveniently, Beautiful Space 8.0 with extendable table might be the one for you!
  7. If you require storage area for your serger and ample sewing space to the left of machine, Beautiful Space 1.0 will be a great choice!
  8. If you have limited sewing space, choose Beautiful Space 5.0 as it is the smallest table of the Beautiful Space Sewing Table series.
  9. Do you need big space to cut or iron your fabrics? If so choose a table with extendable table. You will love the extra space!
  10. If you sew long hours on your sewing machines, you can consider customising an optional dark acrylic insert for your sewing machine as your hands will be level with your fabric and sewing area. For the long run, it might reduce strains on your shoulder and aching on your back.
  11. If you read until here, you are almost on your way on getting your dream table! Decide on which table you want , inform us your sewing machine model, which colour you want(oak or teak or white), your constraints and requirements. We will work with you and getting your sewing table delivered to you.


There are certain Beautiful Space display sets available for viewing at our store. You can visit us to have a good feel of the tables yourself.

By purchasing this sewing table, you agree to abide by's Terms and Conditions spelt out below and the conditions listed under the  'Important things to take note' tab.

Free delivery is included for the bulky Beautiful Space Sewing Tables from our store to your sewing space. However if we are required to carry the tables up staircases (from Level 2 onwards), additional labour charges will have to be incurred. Kindly check with us on the charges. If we were not informed of such situations beforehand, we have the right to bring our table back and the customer will have to incur additional $50 for the wasted transport trip.

On delivery, our delivery team will set up the table for you and train you on operating the hydrualic lifter of the sewing table. Do check for defects on the spot as we will not be responsible for any material defects after delivery.

There will be 1 year warranty on the hyrdaulic lifter which lifts the sewing machine up/down the sewing table. 

Reviews From Our Customers

Jovie Tan, Source: Ghim Soon & -Sewing Machine Store FB Page
On 29 September 2021

So happy to receive my sewing table! Good quality and love the storage space and the extendable table for extra work space 🙂🙂👍🏻
And thank you for deliver the table on time!

zangie lim, Source: Ghim Soon)@PayaLebar Google Listing
On 17 December 2020

I visited GS several times before i made my decision to get a beautiful space table 9.0 and upgraded my machine to Janome S9 and got a Juki overlocker. Monica and Piya are very knowledgeable in their products and recommended me according to my needs and budget. They are very friendly and thoughtful in answering my queries and gave me ample time to consider.

Delivery for my machines came right next day morning after I placed my orders and they made an effort to deliver the table on a Sunday as soon as their stock arrives! Uncle make sure that proper adjustment is made to the table, brief on all the proper usage before he left. Thank you! 😊

After sales training by Piya is very detailed and informative which helps me to understand my machines better! No regrets getting from them and I’m loving every bit of it!

CC Chan, Source: Ghim Soon & Google Listing
On 07 July 2020

Bought a Juki machine as well as beautiful space sewing table 9.0 from this place, everyone was very helpful and informative, and the table definitely is great to have as an addition to your sewing journey as it's foldable and so convenient!

Edna Wong, Source: Ghim Soon & -Sewing Machine Store Facebook Page
On 13 May 2020

My long overdue review. Was torn between the choices and in end decided on this sewing table Beautiful Space 9.0. Loving this table having the smooth wheels for move out the table easily to extend the table. It’s definitely a total upgrade for me sewing from a coffee table to a proper table. Lesser body aches. Friendly staff and will definitely go back for other items from the shop.

Ivy Ngiam, Source: Ghim Soon & Machine Store Facebook Page Listing
On 02 December 2019

My 2nd purchase with them - a sewing table. Delivery was on time as per scheduled. Altho mine wasn't the high-end option, they were still meticulous to ensure my table is in tip-top condition. I appreciate Alex's detailed explanation of using the table and Uncle's reminder about what to watch out for. Very down-to-earth and helpful. Thank you!

Test Test, Source: Ghim Soon & Google Listing
On 19 September 2019

This is the best service I have ever received from ANY shop (Be it F&B, hotel, airline etc.). At the very beginning, I am keen to get an embriodery machine and I messaged them for more information. They are prompt with their updates and replies, even though there are times when I messaged them after 11pm/on weekends (Sorry about that >. <), I would still get speedy replies and there is no hard selling at all.

Few weeks ago, I decided to get a sewing table instead and I dropped by their shop to have a look. Monica was really friendly and showed me the sample they have. I was about to pay for the table, but was concern whether the table would be too big for my gate, they were really nice and advice me to measure my gate first.

I was disappointed when the table is wider than my gate, after I updated them, they made an arrangement for the boss to swing by my house to help me check the measurements (as he was making delivery around the area). I am surprised by their service, even though I am making a small purchase, they went the extra mile to ensure that their customers are satisfied with their purchase.

After I confirmed my purchase, I received a call with an update on my purchase. I am impressed and well-assured throughout the whole process. With service that comes from the heart, even 5 stars is too little to show my appreciation. I will definitely go to Ghim Soon for my future purchase.

P. S. I love my new sewing table so much. Thanks!

Irene Ang Source: Ghim Soon & Facebook Page
On 30 March 2019

Great service. fast delivery. The sewing table is of good quality.

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