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ProdCode: Continental M7 Professional

(FreeMadeiraThreads worth $298)Janome Continental M7 Professional- Industry’s LARGEST sewing space available on any household use machine

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Warranty: 5 Years by Ghim Soon
Condition: Brand New
Type: Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine
Origin: Made in Taiwan

With purchase of Janome M7, can get complimentary M-8062 Madeira Aerofil Soft Box Set worth $298. 

The M7 has the industry’s LARGEST sewing space available on any household use machine. Engineered to meet your demands, the M7 provides powerful penetration and needle force. Perfect for garment sewing, quilting and allowing you to easily tackle heavy-weight home furnishing projects in order to make your decorating dreams come true.

The M7 is the fastest drop-in bobbin home sewing machine available. We’ve implemented a durable DC brushless motor that gives you 1300 stitches per minute, while still giving you the strength and stability you require. Add in the full metal frame and Janome’s

high standards for vibration suppression and you can be assured of a pleasurable, smooth and high-performance sewing experience for all your sewing projects. There is even an instructional app available which uses the machines QR code to access help videos.


Showcasing Janome Continental M7 Professional...



Janome Continental M7 Professional Test/ Review By Blakeman Sewing


Janome Continental M7: A Bag Maker's Perspective/ Review by Fierce Kittenz



Check out Janome Continental M7 Professional Brochure...





Interesting Features about Janome Continental M7 Professional...


Award Winning Machine 

Janome's Continental M7 was a winner of this year's iF Design Award, a world-renowned design prize. The Continental M7 won for its Design Excellence, competing against over 6,000 other entries.

Red Dot Award, recognized as one of the top 3 design awards in the world, awarded M7 the red dot winner in 2020. The products, communication projects as well as design concepts and prototypes entered in the competition are evaluated by the Red Dot Jury, which convenes once a year for each competition based on the individual specialist areas of the members.


Ample Work Area and Visibility

The M7 has the industry’s LARGEST sewing space available on any household use machine. With 13 ½” of work space, a total work area of 17.81”, more than 3” in the needle/needle plate section, and Bright white LED lighting to illuminate your sewing space with shadow-free coverage, your sewing capacity will improve all around. With an added extension table of 26.77” X 15.75”, you’ll have even more work space. As an added bonus the worktable has a built-in drawer, so that you can keep all of your favorite accessories at your fingertips.


Industry’s Strongest

Engineered to meet your demands, the M7 provides powerful penetration and needle force, allowing you to easily tackle heavy-weight home dec fabrics like canvas in order to make your decorating dreams come true. The newly redesigned motor also provides the strength, reliability and longevity that you’ve come to expect from a Janome workhorse.


Meeting Your Need for Speed

Another Industry first, the Continental M7 is the fastest drop-in bobbin home sewing machine available. We’ve implemented a DC brushless motor that gives you 1300 stitches per minute, while still giving you the strength and stability you require. Add in the full metal frame and Janome’s high standards for vibration suppression and you can be assured of a pleasurable, smooth and high-performance sewing experience.

Stitch Tapering

Create original designs for borders and decorative effects with the Stitch Tapering Function. This distinctive feature allows you to adjust stitches at a 30, 45, 60, 90, and 120 angle to combine and edit built-in stitches. This function can be applied to 41 stitches.


Ruler Quilting

Expand your quilting options and take advantage of the wide array of precision templates on the market for ruler-guided quilting. Engage the Ruler Work mode in Sewing Applications and use the Ruler Work foot (QR) to safely follow along the guiding edge of precision cut templates. Achieve beautiful and consistent quilting results previously only available to longarm quilters.


Free Motion Quilting

Finishing your projects from start to finish is a feeling that can’t be matched – especially when your project is a quilt! The Continental M7 makes free motion quilting easier than ever. Customize the foot height for your project and preference – set it high for a lofty quilt with lots of batting, or low if you like a little drag on your stitches. You can even memorize your setting to use later.



SFS-i, Intelligent Feed System

The new SFS-i, intelligent feed system, is designed to keep the feed dogs down and out of the way so that you can easily position your fabric where you want it to be. As soon as you start sewing, the feed dogs come up and perfectly grab the fabric.

Enhanced Acufeed Flex Plus

Who doesn’t love Janome’s AcuFeed Flex system? With the M7, Janome has taken their upper feed system and taken it to the next level. AcuFeed Flex Plus is now completely integrated within the machine. All adjustments for AcuFeed Flex can be made on the screen because the AcuFeed Flex Plus has its own motor, providing even better accuracy and feeding of your fabric layers.


Professional Grade Needleplate, HP Foot and HP2 Foot

Utilize these narrow gauge industrial-type feet for curves and precise topstitching. They provide great ease of control and superior visibility. Sized perfectly for creating 1/4” seams, achieve accurate stitches and perfect starts on any type of fabric.

Quilt Block Advisor

Not sure how to cut your log cabin strips for a 10” block? Let our Quilt Block Advisor do the work for you. Input the number of rows/size of work for traditional quilt patterns like Nine Patch, Log Cabin, Baby Blocks and more. The Quilt Block Advisor will help you break down each section and provide you with the cutting size of pieces including seam allowance. Download this Quilt Block Advisor Cheat Sheet that converts the fractions to you don't have to!


Hand Stitch Style

Everything old is new again! We've taken a step towards yesteryear and have added a section of 52 stitches that are manipulated to look like they've been hand-sewn. Your friends will think you've taken hours to hand sew these beautiful stitches onto your projects. Don't worry, we won't tell!

Computerized One-Touch Needle Plate

Changing out your needle plate has never been easier! By simply pressing a button on your screen, the needle plate automatically lifts up for easy removal. No need to snap the replacement needle plate in, as the newly designed computerized needle plate system quickly falls into place. And, since the M7 comes with three needle plates, changing them out for the proper application is a breeze.


Optical Bobbin Sensor

For everyone who has sewn a long seam, only to find that your bobbin thread ran out after the first few inches, our advanced Optical Bobbin Monitoring System is for you. Janome technology allows the M7 to constantly watch your bobbin thread supply while sewing so that you will receive a warning as soon as the bobbin thread gets low, not when it’s too late at the end of your seam.

Help is Just an App Away

Introducing our newest Janome app, AcuSpark. If you’re not sure how to proceed with a stitch, setting or function, simply scan the QR code on the machine’s screen and the AcuSpark app on your phone or tablet will provide the details that you need to proceed. The App also shows beautifully illustrated pictures of the standard and optional accessories and provides usage details. Who needs an instruction manual when you now have AcuSpark! AcuSpark is iOS & Android Compatible


Independent Bobbin Winding Motor

With an independent bobbin motor, there is no need to stop your sewing or unthread your machine. Set up your bobbin, push the Bobbin Winding button and keep sewing your seams while the machine simultaneously winds your bobbin. This is a great timing saving feature!

Advanced LCD Touchscreen

Using the large, color HD 7” touchscreen is like working on your favorite tablet. The advanced touchscreen shows all of the information you need to sew with ease. Select new stitches and memorize your favorites for quick access. The expanded Sewing Applications feature gives you guidance for perfecting a variety of sewing tasks, including those that use optional accessories. You’ll need the on-screen clock to make sure you don’t lose track of time while playing with new features like Quilt Block Advisor and the 52 Hand Stitch Style stitches.


Different Intensities of Led Light

You can toggle sewing light brightness in 3 areas for your own needs.

Stitch Composer

The unique Stitch Composer™ program gives you the ability to create your own stitch patterns from scratch! The program is easy to use, and transferring stitches to your machine is easy using the built-in USB port. Your stitch library can expand to match your creativity.



Stitches/min 1300
Stitch Patterns 400, up to 9mm wide  including hand stitch style and 5 alphabets
Utility Stitches 26
Quilting Stitches 92
Darning Stitches 1
Decorative Stitches 244
Tapering Stitches 41
Hand Stitch Style Stitches 26
Alphanumeric Fonts Upper & Lower Case 4 Fonts + 9mm Block 
Bobbin System Top loading full rotary hook bobbin system
Internal Frame Robust Metal Internal Frame. Flat Bed - External Aluminium Body (Powder Coating).High Caliber Construction for superior durability 
Free Motion Sewing with stable thread tensions Yes
Type and Amount of Buttonhole  1 Step( 12 Sensor buttonholes, 1 Automatic, 9 other Buttonholes including button, tacking darning, eyelets, fly stitch)
Ability to adjust cutting width of buttonholes Yes, Adjustable on screen
Hook System Top Loading 9mm Full Rotary Hook
Superior Feed System (SFS-i) /Intelligent7 Piece Feed Dog  Designed to keep the feed dogs down and out of the way so that you can easily position your fabric where you want it to be. As soon as you start sewing, the feed dogs come up and perfectly grab the fabric.
Janome Acufeed Flex  Layered Fabric Feeding  System Direct Touch sewing adjustments For Acufeed Flex Plus Available
Stitch Composer Stitch Creation Program Included. Can create own decorative stitch
One Step Plate Converter  Automatic one-touch(On Screen) needle plate conversion with 3 included plates
Automatic Presser Foot Lift Yes
Lock Mode Operations of all keys disabled on Lock Screen
Presser Foot Pivot Function  Yes
Favourite Stitch Can save customized stitch settings
Retractable Feeddog Adjustable on Touchscreen
Recommended Needle Janome Needle (Made by Organ)
Twin NeedleCapability Yes
Stitch Width 9mm
Stitch Length 5mm
Start/Stop Button Yes
Speed Control  Yes
Reverse Stitching Feature Yes
Needle Up/Down  Button Yes, can also set Needle stop position switching Function 
Locking/Securing Stitch Feature Yes, can also trim thread after locking stitch when auto thread cutting is on
Pattern Save Up to 100 Patterns in each combination
Mirror Image Feature Yes
Elongation Yes
Tension Automatic(digital) thread tension system
Variable Zig Zag for Free Motion Quilting Yes
Stitch Width Safety Yes
Janome On Screen Help  Instructions on 6 topics of essential machine operations available
Quilt Block Advisor 6 types of Quilt patterns with auto calculation functions
Ruler Work Mode for Quilting   Under this mode, Presser foot height can be adjusted to suit the quilt thickness using included Ruler Foot
Stitch Tapering Function Taper Beginning and end of decorative stitch patterns to create tapered corners and points
Janome AcuSpark Tutorial App  Learn about each feature, stitch, sewing foot, and more, plus helpful tips while sewing on the machine
Programmable Settings Yes(Sewing Lights, background clour, buttonholes,Setting Modes, Start up Speed, bobbin winding speed, Presser Foot Height,Auto-Off Timer, Foot pressure, Resume Mode, Favourite Stitch Adjustment, Resume Mode, Language)
Memory Function Stitch Memory Capability – 3.0mb 
Automatic Thread Cutter Yes
Foot Controller with Programmable Settings Foot Controller with remote thread cutter
Exclusive Bobbin Winding System(Independent Motor) Yes
Lower Thread Indicator Optical bobbin monitoring system
Multi Function Knobs Yes
Continuous Stitch/Pattern End selections Yes
Pattern End Selections Yes
Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure Adjustable Digitally
LCD Screen Full Colour H52.4 x W91.4mm (7”) HD Screen 
Sewing Lights Brighter LED’s x 9 in 4 Locations 
Dust Cover Soft Cover
Different Languages 15 Languages
Needle Position 91
Built in Needle Threader Superior Needle Threader
Knee Lift/Free Hand System Electronic Knee Lift
Extension Table Extension Table with Storage Drawer Included
Powerful Motor Extra Needle Penetration Power 
Upgradable Firmware Yes
Dimensions of Machine 640(L) x 200mm(W) X 400(H)  
Machine Weight 17.3kg
Country of Manufacture Japanese Design Made in Taiwan
Sewing Space to Right of Needle 348mm to the right
Warranty 2 Years Inhouse Warranty


The included accessories of Janome Continental M7 Professional are as follow:

1. 859814012  1/4” Seam Foot (O) 

2. 624806006  Nets x 2 

3. 202313104 1/4” Seam Foot (O) (without a guide) 

4. 859810007  Overcast Foot (M) 

5. 866801007  Accessory Box (Plastic) 

6. 867804003  PC Application Pack (CD) 

7. 859819017  AcuFeed/Dual Feed Std Foot Twin (AD) 

8. 830377008  Power Lead 

9. 865522008  AcuFeed Flex HP2 

10. 865803006  Professional Grade Foot (HP) 

11. 862822013  Automatic Buttonhole Foot (R) 

12. 802422001  Quilting Guide Bar 

13. 767849100  Base Plate (For Foot Control) 

14. 859806011  Satin Stitch Foot (F) 

15. 859807001  Blind Hem Stitch Foot (G) 

16. 862896007  Ruler Work Foot (QR) 

17. 859811008  Button Sewing Foot (T) 

18. 859813000  Satin Stitch Foot Open (F2) 

19. 832820007  Button Shank Plate 

20. 820832005  Screwdriver (Winged) 

21. 859839002  Darning/Embroidery Foot (PD-H) 

22. 647808009  Seam Ripper 

23. 859839013  Darning/Embroidery Foot (PD-H) Open Toe 

24. 822020503  Spool Caps x 2 (Large) 

25. 867801000  Semi-Hard Dust Cover 

26. 822019509  Spool Caps x 2 (Small) 

27. 043770104  Foot Control - Large 

28. 862408008  Spool Holder x 2 (Special) 

29. 859836009  Free Motion Quilting Foot (QC) Closed Toe 

30. 770850001  Spool Rest x 2 

31. 859837000  Free Motion Quilting Foot (QO) Open Toe 

32. 859832016  Stabilising Plate (for Buttonhole Foot R) 

33. 859812009  Free Motion Quilting Zigzag Foot (QV) 

34. 859802006  Standard Foot (A)

35. 859804008  Hemmer Foot (D) 

36. 867811003  Thread Cutter Switch (for Foot Control) 

37. 867805004  Instructional DVD 

38. 860194002  Touch Panel Stylus 

39. 846817011  Knee Lifter (Straight Adjustable) 

40. 862895006  Variable Zigzag Open Toe Foot (QZ) 

41. 867806005  Large Extension Table with Drawer 

42. 859805009  Zipper Foot (E) 

43. 802424004  Lint Brush 

44. 859815002  Zipper Foot Concealed (Z) 

45. 867803002  Needle Plate - Professional Grade (HP) 

46. 867642001  Needle Plate - Standard 

47. 867802001  Needle Plate - Straight Stitch 


Janome Continental M7 Chapter 1: Maintenance and Cleaning Hook Area


Janome Continental M7 Chapter 2: Operating M7 Button Features


Janome Continental M7 Chapter 3: Winding The Bobbin


Janome Continental M7 Chapter 4: Threading & Bringing up the thread


Janome Continental M7 Chapter 5: Replacing Presser Foot with Acufeed Foot


Janome Continental M7 Chapter 6: Changing Needle Plate


Janome Continental M7 Chapter 7: Normal Sewing Operations


Janome Continental M7 Chapter 8: Learn how to Adjust Stitch Width, Stitch Length & needle positions


Janome Continental M7 Chapter 9: Adjusting Thread Tension


Janome Continental M7 Chapter 10: Dropping Feeddog Electronically


Janome Continental M7 Chapter 11: Sewing Buttonholes


Janome Continental M7 Chapter 12: Programming Pattern Combination


Janome Continental M7 Chapter 13: Saving Pattern Combination


Janome Continental M7 Chapter 14: Customizing Machine Settings


Janome Continental M7 Chapter 15: Replacing the Needle


 Janome Continental M7 Professional User's Guide


Complimentary dedicated 1 to 1 training of Janome Continental M7 Professional will be provided by Stitch4you(Ghim Soon)(+6588765598) trained,experienced and friendly sales consultants at our store. Our training should enable you to develop a deeper understanding of the machine and strengthen your confidence of handling it. Customers are expected to initiate the arrangement of training sessions with Stitch4you team via our company whatsapp number +6588765598 or our Stitch4you Facebook Page. Arrangement of training sessions can also be made via phone calls on +6567489255.

Display sets are available at our store for customers to try too!

This machine's 2 Years warranties is covered by Ghim Soon Machinery Pte Ltd(+6588765598). 

By purchasing machines from Stitch4you(Ghim Soon), you are agreeable to abide to the terms and conditions of the warranty covered by Ghim Soon Machinery Pte Ltd spelt out as follow:

Ghim Soon Machinery Pte Ltd ("Ghim Soon") warrants this home sewing machine (the “Product”), excluding consumable parts (such
as plastic front panel, foot controller, needles, needle threader, thread cutter, all hooks (sewing machines and overlocker), bobbins, loopers, feed dogs, knife blades, seals (O-ring, etc), bulbs, lamps, LED light bulbs/strips, and belts) to the original purchaser to be free from defects in the materials or workmanship of the Product under normal use and service from the date of purchase of the Product by the original purchaser (i.e. date of conclusion of sales contract either orally or in writing), as follows:
1. for a limited warranty period of one year on light assembly, wiring, switches; and
2. for a limited warranty period of one year on all other parts.

The product must be unplugged from the power source when not in use.

Faulty parts which are replaced will remain as property of Ghim Soon. Serviced machines which are not collected within 2 months from the date of notification for collection will automically goes under the property of Ghim Soon.

If, at any time during the applicable limited warranty period, the Product is determined to be defective by Ghim Soon, Ghim Soon will replace or repair the Product, at Ghim Soon’s option.
The Product is warranted only for normal household non-commercial use. 
This limited warranty does not cover corrosion, rustings or stains, body or paintwork of machine, installation to wrong power supply, Act of Gods, service charges for checking improper installation/operation of machines,routine maintenance servicing,faulty display set or machine loan for commerical purposes, defects, damages and any kind whatsoever due to accidents, misuse/negligence, abuse, negligence, commercial use, or modification of, or to any part of the Product, or if the specifications supplied at the time of purchase with respect to proper maintenance and lubrication have not been observed or if the serial number affixed to the machine has been tampered with or defaced or if the original bill of sale, warranty certificate for the machine or other proof of purchase acceptable to Ghim Soon is not presented at the time service or repair is sought under this warranty.
This limited warranty shall be null and void unless the original purchaser (i) complies with any and all operating instructions in the manual provided or (ii) fails to have the Product periodically serviced and tuned by Ghim Soon in accordance with the service manual.
This limited warranty may only be used by the original purchaser of the Product. This limited warranty is not transferable to any subsequent purchaser, owner and/or any kind whoever, and Ghim Soon will take the responsibilities under this limited warranty only to the original purchaser and only the original purchaser may obtain service under this limited warranty.
Service under this warranty may only be obtained within Singapore where the original purchaser has purchased the Product.
To obtain limited warranty service the original purchaser must deliver or send the Product postage or freight pre-paid, to Ghim Soon along with (a) the original dated bill of sale issued by Ghim Soon to theoriginal purchaser, (b) a copy of this limited warranty, and, (c) a written short description of the defect. The original purchaser is strongly recommended to firstly contact Ghim Soon, if the original purchaser needs certain service under this limited warranty.
Ghim Soon is not responsible for any and all damages and losses that occur to the Product during transportation to or from the original purchaser.

For local purchases in Singapore, Ghim Soon is pleased to offer pick up services in which we will pick the machine up from designated locations,bring back to service thoroughly and deliver back to owner at a nominal fee of $30(includes GST). One way service will be chargeable at $20. These costs will not cover the servicing cost and cost of change of parts.

This warranty does not affect the statutory rights of the original purchaser under any applicable national laws in force nor the rights of the original purchaser against the dealer arising from their sales/purchase contract.
This limited warranty shall be interpreted, construed and enforced in all respects in accordance with the laws of Singapore.

Ghim Soon reserves the right to amend or modify the terms and conditions of this warranty without giving prior notice.

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