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JANOME is a leading brand from Japan, specialising in producing Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery Machines. Since arriving at Singapore's shores in the late 1960s, JANOME has been well-loved by beginner and seasoned sewists alike for her precise & beautiful stitches, innovative functionalities and stabilities. Well known for their machines in the series of Heavy Duty and Semi-Industrial, Long arm machines (>211mm space), MemoryCraft and Skyline (Quilting & Embroidery), JANOME's technology opened up a new sewing machine market for the handmade industry as well as homemakers.

JANOME is 100 years of Heritage & History

Founded in 1921, JANOME was Japan's first domestic sewing machine manufacturer, located in Takinogawa, Tokyo. JANOME created the first stitch with the hand-cranked sewing machines and from then onwards, have been delivering household sewing machines that anyone can easily use, all around the world.

In 1990, JANOME invented the World's first programmable home computerised sewing machine with embroidery functions, Memory Craft 8000. Their innovative technology continued for generations and in 2022, launched the new Continental M17 Professional, packed with advanced features and industry firsts to create the ultimate sewing and embroidery experience. This demonstrated the superiority of JANOME amongst her peers. In 2019, Janome celebrated the production of 70 million sewing machines, from her factories in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. Over the century, with constant innovation of her sewing machines and standing true to her slogan Reliability by Design, Janome has established a strong loyal following.

JANOME celebrated its 100th anniversary on 16 October 2021.

Inarguably, the uninterrupted support and trust built over 100 years has made JANOME what it is today. At the same time, this means that the brand name “JANOME” which you have nurtured, carries a heavy responsibility and mission to society. With this in mind, JANOME is committed to providing products and services that are more creative, convenient, and environmentally friendly, and that are in tune with our customers' lifestyles and social activities.

Janome Sewing Machine Singapore