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Heavy Duty Mechanical Sewing Machines (Portable)

ProdCode: 4432

(Replaced by HD6335M)Singer 4432-A heavy duty metal frame and powerful motor make this machine a true workhorse.

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Warranty: 1 Year Local (Covered by Singer)
Condition: Brand New
Type: Heavy Duty Sewing Machine
Origin: Made in Vietnam

SINGER 4432 Is replaced by a superior model HD6335M which has same features but with more accessories.

The SINGER® Heavy Duty 4432 sewing machine is a true workhorse that offers high performance and durability. With a heavy-duty metal interior frame, stainless steel bedplate, extra-high sewing speed and powerful motor, this model can sew through different sort of fabrics from light to light-heavy material. With 32 stitch patterns, it can sew a wide range of patterns ranging from Basic, stretch to decorative patterns. With a powerful motor, it can punch through thick materials from denim to PU Faux leather! Fastest Heavy Duty at 1100 stitches/minute and its motor is said to be 60% stronger than that of other standard sewing machines. You can get a lot of projects done in shorter duration!


Showcasing Singer 4432...

Review of Singer 4432


SINGER® HEAVY DUTY 4432  Sewing Machine Stitches


SINGER® HEAVY DUTY 4432  Sewing Machine HD Metal Frame


SINGER® HEAVY DUTY 4432  Sewing Machine Sewing Speed


Interesting Features about Singer Heavy Duty 5523


Aluminium  Metal Frame

A heavy duty metal frame and powerful motor make this machine a true workhorse. Its interior metal frame aids in providing long lasting durability.

Easy Stitch Selection Dial

Built-in stitches are displayed on the Stitch Selector Dial. Simply turn the dial to select the stitch you want to sew.

Threading Guides

Singer Heavy Duty has quick and easy-to-follow threading guides which enable you to thread properly and produce quality stitches

Stainless Steel Bedplate and High Sewing Speed

It allows fabrics to glide over the machine with ease and the machine has a motor that is 60% stronger than a standard sewing machine motor, allowing you to sew at higher speeds up to 1100 stitches per minute.

Variable Needle Positions

Adjust position of needle as desired for various sewing techniques like topstitching, edgestitching, zipper application, piping insertion and more

Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure

When sewing very lightweight or heavyweight fabrics, it may at times be necessary to decrease or increase the presser foot pressure to help the machine feed the fabric through the machine.

Top Drop In Bobbin

Easy to thread and easy to see! The transparent bobbin and cover allow you to monitor your thread supply so you don't run out of thread in the middle of a seam.

Adjustable Stitch Width(6mm)

The size of the stitch from left to right is adjustable, to make the stitch sew narrower or wider as desired.

Left & Right Side Balance For Buttonholes

Stitch density on right and left sides of buttonhole can be adjusted by buttonhole balance control dial


Stitch Patterns 32
Type and Amount of Buttonhole  1STEP
Hook System Drop in(PLASTIC BOBBIN CASE)
Retractable Feeddog Yes
Recommended Needle  Singer Needles
Stitch Width 6(ADJUSTABLE)
Stitch Length 4MM(ADJUSTABLE)
Feed Dog 5 piece
Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure YES
Stitches/min 1100
Sewing Lights White LED
Dust Cover SOFT
Needle Position ADJUSTABLE
Built in Needle Threader Yes
Machine Dimensions (39.7 X 15.9 X 30.49)cm
Machine Weight(KG) 6.5
Working Space to Right of Needle 160mm
Country of Manufacture USA Designed Made in  Vietnam
Warranty 1 Year Singer Warranty

The accessories of Singer 4432 are as follow: 

1. General Purpose Foot
2. Zipper Foot
3. Buttonhole Foot
4. Button Sewing Foot
5. Edge/Quilting Guide
6. Pack of Needles
7. Bobbins (Class 15 transparent)
8. Spool Caps
9. Auxiliary Spool Pin 
10. Spool Pin Felt
11. Screwdriver 
12. Seam Ripper/Lint Brush
13. Soft Dust Cover



SINGER® HEAVY DUTY 4432  Sewing Machine Buttonholes

SINGER® HEAVY DUTY 4432  Sewing Machine Needle Threader

SINGER® HEAVY DUTY 4432  Sewing Machine Top Drop-in Bobbin

SINGER® HEAVY DUTY 4432  Sewing Machine Presser Foot Pressure

SINGER® HEAVY DUTY 4432 Sewing Machine Needle Positions

SINGER® HEAVY DUTY 4432  Sewing Machine Drop Feed

Singer 4432 User's Guide


Complimentary dedicated 1 to 1 training of Singer 4432 will be provided by Stitch4you(Ghim Soon)(+6588765598) trained,experienced and friendly sales consultants at our store. Our training should enable you to develop a deeper understanding of the machine and strengthen your confidence of handling it. Customers are expected to initiate arrangement of training sessions with Stitch4you team via our company whatsapp number +6588765598 or our Stitch4you Facebook Page.

Display sets are available at our store for customers to try too!

This machine's 1 Year warranty is covered by Singer(Singapore)(+656747 2900).

Reviews From Our Customers 8 review(s)

Angeline Ng, Source: Ghim Soon & -Sewing Machine Store Facebook Page
On 09 July 2020

During the Circuit Breaker I started sewing curtains and masks. My sewing machine needed to be serviced and I went to Ghim Soon & Their service was efficient and I could collect my machine back the next day. I went back to them to upgrade my machine. I ordered a Singer 4432. Delivery was made on a Sunday. I appreciate the good service. Using the new Singer 4432 was a breeze compared to the old model. I could sew easily the masks with different kinds of fabrics at a faster speed. I recommend you to go to Ghim Soon for your sewing needs.
Angeline Ng

Low Seet Leng, Source: Ghim Soon & -Sewing Machine Store Facebook Page
On 03 July 2020

Stitch4you replied to my enquiry promptly. Great service! My new Singer 4432 is awesome, sturdy and run smoothly on thick fabric folds. Even though it’s heavy duty, it wasn’t heavy as I thought it would be. Great buy!

Judith Ng, Source: Ghim Soon & Google Listing
On 20 May 2020

Thanks! Super efficient service and response from GS. Delivery within 24 hours. Ordered on Fri afternoon, received by Sat noon. I am very happy with new Singer 4432, similar to my old Brother XR36. It is very quiet and smooth with modified bobbin placement defaulted by manufacturer thus I just need to adjust top tension. Very easy to use. Local warranty for 1 year. Saw this on FB, Highly recommended!

Wendy Liau, Source: Ghim Soon & -Sewing Machine Store Facebook Page
On 15 May 2020

Have been sending my machine to Mr Tan for servicing. Recently purchased a new machine (4432) and they delivered it by the following day. Advice, Payment and after sales follow up has been a great experience. Thank you Alex and Monica for the prompt and professional services rendered

Siau Sang Lim, Source: Ghim Soon & -Sewing Machine Store Facebook Page
On 14 May 2020

My husband and sister bought me the mother's Day present Singer 4432 after seeing my cheapo brand less machine damaged. Enquired few company but GS responses was spontaneous, price and reviews are among the best too. Ordered on Sat and received on Tuesday. The seller update me the delivery promptly. The machine so silent and powerful. Tried to changed between different stitches, so smooth and quiet. Thanks for the good service.

Alice Bun, Source: Ghim Soon & -Sewing Machine Store Facebook Page
On 05 May 2020

Had received my new S4432 yesterday, GS is doing a very fantastic service delivered it within the next day! Their online service is also very responsive. I am happy that I grabbed a good deal and looking forward for more good offers from them. Would definitely recommend to anyone who need their services.

Swee Lian Sng, Source: Ghim Soon & Google Listing
On 02 May 2020

Bought my Singer Heavy Duty 4432 from this place and received very good service! Response was very fast and my machine was delivered faster than I expected! I'm enjoying my Singer machine and right now sewing masks for a community project with my new machine. Will be moving on to other projects when the school holidays start!

Estley Mok
On 04 May 2019

I've gotten my Singer 4432 from this shop, and received good sales service from them. I started to use today and very satisfied with the sewing machine. I would highly recommend. Thank you Ghim Soon!

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