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Newlong Industrial(NLI)

Newlong Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1941. Over the past three-quarters of a century, we have become a leader in the bagging system manufacturer through innovation. We have supported our economy by delivering various food, daily supplies, fertilizer, chemical products, semiconductors, and wafers. In Japan, we have a 95% domestic market share in industrial sewing machines, 90% in the shopping bagging system, 80% in heavy-duty bagging systems, and the top class in the global market share in these products. We believe our success comes from the foresight of our R&D team and the integrated system development working with our customers to meet their needs. As technology evolves and becomes more sophisticated and diverse, Newlong Industrial is at the heart of innovation. Here we deliver our state-of-the-art bagging system to you.

Newlong (Japan) company is split into 2 different entities, Newlong Machine Works and Newlong Industrial Co(NLI) in 2002 . The management personnel from NLI was originally in charge of the NP-7A manufacturing processes and responsible for the manufacturing of NP-7A in the factories in Philippines. Till date, the original factory is still producing only NLI machines in Philippines thus the workmanship of NLI NP-7A surpasses other versions of NP-7A produced in other countries. Stitch4you has been the pioneer company in Singapore to sell/distribute/export NLI NP-7As to South East Asian region and other countries ( more than 64 destinations) for the past 30 years. We are very familiar with the technical aspects of NLI NP-7A thus through our high quality repair services, your spolit machine can be serviced in no time. We keep close communications with the NLI team in Japan. We have steady supply of NLI machines from NLI Japan directly due to our close working relationships in the past. Our warehouses are well stocked with NLI generic and original spare parts and more details about the parts can be found at our parent company website, . You can drop us an email to enquire more and we can export too. Feel Free to drop us an email at We have more than 30 years of experience dealing with NLI machines and parts. 

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(EXPORT/LOCAL)NLI Newlong NP-7A-THE #1 SELLING HIGH-SPEED PORTABLE BAG CLOSER ( For jute bags, gunny sacks etc)
Newlong Industrial NLI DS-9C High Speed Bag Closer with automatic lubrication
Single & Double Needle High Speed Bag Closing Machine for Materials such as Multi-wall Paper & PolyPropylene (PP)