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Madeira 83 Spools Polyneon No.40 Softbox (Embroidery Threads)

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Condition: Brand New
Origin: Made in Germany

Madeira Polyneon No.40 is 100% Polyester filament. The standard thickness for all types of embroidery and fabrics, applique and decorative stitching.

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Madeira Polyneon No.40 is 100% polyester embroidery thread. Constructed of a specially developed raw material which eliminates looping, puckering and virtually all thread breaks. Suitable for almost any application, Polyneon's unique formula makes this thread extremely durable and smooth running.  Vibrant colors, are glossy, as well as resistant to chlorine bleach, making Polyneon the ideal embroidery thread for denim wash items, those with frequent staining or requiring frequent or heavy-duty washing/laundering. Recommended for embroidering on uniforms, safety garments, and commercial linens. 

What's in the softbox?

  • 70 solid colours x 400m Polyneon No.40
  • 10 multicolours x 200m Polyneon No.40
  • 2 x 1000m Bobbinfil (White)
  • 1 x Universal embroidery needles


Thread Material: Polyester

Thread Type: Embroidery Thread

Thread Weight: 40

Recommended Needle Size: 75/11

The soft Box can acts as a separate thread spool holder for sewing machines

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