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ProdCode: B48

Bernette Funlock 48-An overlocker/coverstitch combo machine with a wide range of features such as 5 thread safety stitch and impressive stitch quality

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Warranty: 2 Years Local Warranty (Covered by Bernina Singapore)
Condition: Brand New
Type: Serging and Coverstitching Machine
Origin: Made in Taiwan

The Bernette 48 is the top model of the Funlock series and is a combination of an overlocker and a coverstitch machine. It has a total of 23 stitches: 15 overlock stitches, 3 coverstitches, 4 combo stitches and 1 chain stitch, overlock stitches with a stitch width of up to 7 mm, coverstitches with stitch widths of 2.8 or 5.6 mm and combo stitches with a stitch width of up to 10 mm. Colour-coded thread paths make threading easier and in the needle area, a manual threader helps to thread the needles. The lower looper and chain looper have a mechanical threader. The knife is operated from below, which not only ensures a cleanly cut edge, but also safe handling, and it can be adjusted comfortably with one hand. The bright LED light provides a well-lit sewing and threading area. The Bernette Funlock 48 has a sewing speed of up to 1300 stitches per minute.

  • Overview
  • Machine Features
  • Accessories
  • Useful Videos
  • Brochure/User's Guide
  • Complimentary Stitch4You Product Training/Warranty

Threading Made Simple

If you follow the colour-coded threading paths of the bernette Funlock 48, threading is very straightforward. A separate needle threader and looper threading mechanism also make this easier.

A wide range of stitches for beautiful stitchings and seams

Your Bernette Funlock 48 has a wide range of stitches: whether you require safety seams or edges with overlock stitching, coverstitches, stitches such as super stretch for highly elastic materials, flat seams, roll seams, roll hems or chain stitching – the possibilities with yourBbernette Funlock 48 are almost limitless.

Large Working Area for Large Sewing Projects

With its 87 mm working area, the Bernette Funlock 48 provides plenty of space for larger sewing projects. Another highlight is the bright LED light, which ensures that the area underneath the needle is always well-lit.

High sewing speed for efficient operation

The Bernette Funlock 48 allows straight lines of sewing to be carried out very quickly. With a sewing speed of up to 1300 stitches per minute and precise stitches, sewing projects take shape in the shortest possible time.


Color Coded Threading Guides  Yes
Sewing Speed 1300
Thread 2/3/4/5
Needle/ Type 1,2,3/ELX705
Chainstitch 1 needle
Overlocking Width Left Needle: 7mm, Right Needle:3mm
Rolled Hem:1.5mm
Coverstitch Width 2.8-5.6mm
Tension Manual Tension Tuning
Tension Release Yes
Stitch Patterns 23
Sewing Lights LED LIGHT
Stitch Length 1-5.0mm
Differential Feed Ratio 0.6-2.0 
Differential Feed Position Left Side of Machine
Built In Rolled Hemming Right(Narrow) or Left(Wide) Needle /2 or 3 thread
Clutch Overlock and Coverstitch switch with each other
Flatlock Yes
Presser Foot Lifter 7mm
Option to disengage Upper Knife Yes
Machine Weight 7.5kg
Cutting Width Yes
Automatic Lower/Chain Looper Threader Yes
Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure Yes
Upper looper Converter Yes
2/3 Thread Converter Yes
Country of Manufacture Swiss Design Made in Taiwan
Warranty 2 Years Bernette Warranty


The accessories of Bernette 48 are as follow:

1. Screwdriver(large size) x 1
2. Oiler x 1
3. Spool Net x 5
4.  Brush
5. ELX705 Needle Set
6. Needle Threader
7. Allen screwdriver(small) x 1
8. Tweezer x1
9. Upper Looper Converter
10. Spool Stabiliser x5
11. Dust Cover
12. Cut-offs Bin x 1
13. Cover-/Chainstitch Insert

Sewing Combo stitches such as 5 thread Safety stitch and Basic tips for Bernette 48

Getting Bernette 48 Ready

Sewing Instructions for a shirt with waterfall neckline

Overlock Threading Bernette 48

Overlock Default Settings and Test Sewing

Thread tension, Stitch Optimisation For Bernette 48

Understanding Stitch Length and Differential Feed for Bernette 48

Upper Looper Converter for Bernette 48

Coverstitch Threading for Bernette 48

Coverstitch/Chainstitch Basic settings and Sewing Tests on Bernette 48

Stitch Optimisation for coverstitch and chainstitch

How to convert between Overlock and Coverstitch settings for Bernette 48

Maintenance for Bernette 48

Bernette 48 Brochure

Bernette 48 User's Guide


Complimentary dedicated 1 to 1 training of Bernette 48 will be provided by Stitch4you(Ghim Soon)(+6588765598) trained,experienced and friendly sales consultants at our store. Our training should enable you to develop a deeper understanding of the machine and strengthen your confidence of handling it. Customers are expected to initiate arrangement of training sessions with Stitch4you team via our company whatsapp number +6588765598 or our Stitch4you Facebook Page.

Display sets are available at our store for customers to try too!

This machine's 2 Years warranty is covered by Bernina Singapore(+658752 9698). By purchasing this machine, you agree to abide by Bernina Singapore Warranty's Terms and Conditions spelt out below:

This carry-in warranty from the date of purchase shall be extended to:

• bernette: 2 years on the mechanical parts, 1 year on the motors, electrical & electronic parts (except for sew&go series)

*Wearing parts: No warranty for all models / products for following parts Illuminants (light bulbs, CFL, LED) belts, needles, motor coals, all hooks (sewing machines and overlocker), bobbins, thread cutter, threader head, hook race cover (CB hook systems), feed dog, seals (O-ring, etc) and any kind of knives and blades.

*Regular servicing are not covered under warranty terms.

The liability of BERNINA and bernette shall be limited solely to the cost of the affected part and does not include labour charges. All other costs, including the costs of shipment to BERNINA and bernette or authorized servicing center designated by BERNINA and bernette or to such other point as may be designated by BERNINA and bernette for service of repair under this warranty, shall be those of the purchaser.

Said product will be returned to BERNINA and bernette or authorized servicing center designated by BERNINA and bernette for all repairs or replacements covered by this warranty. This limited warranty is given subject to the following additional terms and conditions:

BERNINA and bernette shall be under no obligation to honor any claim under this warranty in the event that said product has been misused, neglected, damaged in transit or has been tampered with in any way or if the specifications supplied by BERNINA and bernette at the time of purchase with respect to proper maintenance and lubrication have not been observed or if the serial number affixed to the machine has been tampered with or defaced or if the original bill of sale, warranty certificate for the machine or other proof of purchase acceptable to BERNINA and bernette is not presented at the time service or repair is sought under this warranty.

Warranty Certificate Registration

This warranty shall not be valid until and unless the attached card is completed and returned within thirty (30) days after the date of purchase of said product or registered on the website Warranty will only be valid when accompanied with a receipt or a proof of purchase.

The product must be unplugged from the power source when not in use.

Notice: The user assumes the risk of and this warranty does not cover herby excludes, liability for defects, failure, loss, deterioration, personal injury or damage which are due to (i) ordinary wear and tear or exposure, (ii)misuse, abuse, alteration, negligence, or (iii) the installation of parts other than genuine BERNINA and bernette parts of equivalents.

Please Note: In no event shall BERNINA and bernette be liable to the purchaser of said machine or to third parties for special or consequential damages, including, but not limited to death or personal injuries. BERNINA and bernette does not assume or authorize any person to assume on its behalf, any other obligation or liability other than set forth herein.

There are no implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose that extend beyond the express warranty described on the face hereof. To the extent the laws of any state created or recognize any implied warranties for this product, the duration of those warranties shall not extend beyond the duration of BERNINA and bernette’s limited warranty.

This warranty is not transferable. BERNINA and bernette is not party to and shall not be bound by any other warranty given in connection with the product identified below.

If a service problem should arise, the purchaser must contact Ghim Soon Machinery Pte Ltd (Official After Sales Partner of Bernina Singapore) at +6588765598 during operating hours to arrange for warranty repair. BERNINA and bernette warrants the product identified below to be free of any defects in workmanship and materials under normal use upon the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth. This warranty is offered solely for the private, non-commercial use of the product.

This warranty will be in force only for the periods of warranty duration, specified herein when the product is owned by the original purchaser and is limited solely to the repair or replacement of original parts which, in the opinion of BERNINA and bernette are defective in workmanship or material and not normal wear and tear and which are returned to BERNINA and bernette or authorized servicing center as may be designated by BERNINA and bernette.

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