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Avalon Firm Wash-Away 0.3X10M Clear

Ideal for knitwear and terry towels are not easy to embroider. Knitwear is very stretchy and therefore requires stabilizing when embroidering. On very coarse knitted fabrics the stitches tend to sink into the pile, as with terry towels. The embroidery stitches get lost among the loops which diminish the quality of the embroidery and are considered a defect by the buyers. There is a way to avoid this inconvenience. Avalon from Madeira, a water-soluble film which has to be hooped on the top of the fabric. Since it lays between the fabric and embroidery, it holds down the loops of terry fabrics and the pile of knitwear. As a result, the embroidery can be done almost without any additional underlay stitches.
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(Clear) Avalon Firm Wash-Away 30cm X 10M
(Clear) Avalon Firm Wash-Away 30cm X 10M
Ideal for looped and knitted fabrics. Avalon Film can easily be hooped for decorative stitching on towels, knit or sweater fabric to prevent stitches from sinking and disappearing into fabric nap. Stretchable and delicate fabrics will no longer loose their shape as you sew or embroider on them.